We icon-heart our members.

And we’re glad the feeling is mutual!

“I realized that I was holding myself back. I was focused on everything in my business BUT making money.”


Kristine Fraser
InnerGlow Nutrition

“I tripled my revenue, was featured in In-Style Magazine, landed the Whole Foods account, won the SPANX ‘Leg-up’ competition. Thank you AWSC .”


Cyndi Prince

“I joined AWSC because I wasn’t sponsoring leaders in my business. I never realized Amy would become my accountability partner and business mechanic… taking my business engine apart and fixing the problems! The Result? Confidence! Boldness! Clarity & Focus! And sponsoring quality leaders!”


Visa Arumugham
Consultant with Ambit Energy

“I just want to say THANK YOU! I love everything about your website and your organization! The way your website is organized, so simple and clear, is such a plus. The photographs and color choices are stunning! The guides, action plans, and over-the-phone assistance are extremely helpful.

Your commitment and passion for helping others grow their small businesses is quite clear in everything you do.

I am still a very new member, but I am looking forward to a long and productive relationship. You are filling a most-needed niche, and I know I am only one of many who is grateful for what you are doing.

Keep up the excellent work! You are a blessing!”


Cindy Burkhalter

“It is so cool to be able to pick up the phone and get the advice I need! It makes it so easy to stay motivated to take my business to the next level.”


Anne Sullivan

“Esther, I really enjoyed your presentation and meeting you when were in Syracuse this past Fall. Maybe you remember me. I am a mother of 6 boys with baby boy #7 due in March. It was because of your visit that I decided to join the AW Success Club. I am so happy that I did. It is even more helpful than I imagined it would be. I feel it’s really helped me shift my mindset so that I think more like an entrepreneur. Keep up the good work! ”


Mary Roppel
Consultant with Ambit Energy

“Before joining AWSC I could hardly talk to someone without stuttering to be honest, I lacked a bit of confidence….okay, a LOT of confidence. I joined this program because I KNEW I needed to change something…. I needed to change my way of thinking……I’m so thankful I joined…….

Now because of AWSC and the amazing training from Amy, Esther and Debbie I have joined Toastmasters and am leading meetings and chairing contests – something I didn’t think I had the courage or confidence to do before.

Not only that, I have seen my business grow and I am bringing in at least 3 paychecks per month, which is fantastic! I can approach people with much more ease and confidence which blows my mind. I have learned to really listen to peoples needs so I can help them. And one of the biggest take aways for me is not taking things personally……something that I USED to to a lot.

This is not just a program, this will change your life so that you can be a better person, have more confidence, and in turn, your Ambit business will prosper right along with it……it truly is a blessing and the best training I have ever had.”


Michelle Perzan
Consultant with Ambit Energy

“The AW Success club is helping me prepare my fields for the next RAIN. My vision is more focused, my passion deeper, my goals more crystallized, my team is growing, and my mindset has shifted from, “mom with a part time energy business,” to a “mom is successful entrepreneur.” Thank you Esther and Amy for partnering together to bring this fabulous program to the Phenomenal Women of Ambit.”


Lisa Pulliam
Executive Consultant with Ambit Energy

“Amy & Laura… Thank you, thank you, and thank you! I am very happy that I made the move to sign up for the Ambitious Women Success Club. My first exposure to this program was in September 2013 at Ambition, Ambit’s yearly conference. As is a habit with me I did not sign up at that time. After returning home I visited the site multiple times, not sure if this really was for me. I felt the pull to sign up, but continued to resist. Finally, I saw an email from Esther about a Q&A webinar sharing more information about the program. That night I took the leap; and may I add I was scared. Immediately after clicking the button I wanted out. (Insanity!) Thank God my heart overtook my mind, or was it that my mind overtook my heart. Whichever the case, I did it! I am excited to see where I will go with the tools and support that I am receiving. Thank you for your feedback and encouragement. I am finally stepping out of my comfortable place (& I like comfortable) to grow as a successful female entrepreneur. Actively working toward my success.”


Chereece Sparrow
Consultant with Ambit Energy

“The AW Success & Mentoring Club helped catapult me to leadership, promotions, a Five Star Trip, and INCREASED INCOME in less than 3 months!!!”


Blenda Aycock
Promoted EC

“Since seeing AWSC in New Jersey, I was inspired to give that final push and get *back* to the top of the pay plan at Avon. I was at the top until last year when Avon added two levels above where I was. It was a bit of a kick in the ego since I had been at the top for two decades. Needing to climb that mountain again was tough! Two weeks ago I made the last promotion — so I’m back up there! Your Ambitious Women’s Conference weekend really made a difference — was great just being around so many inspired and success driven women! Thank you so much for inviting me to go and experience it.”

Circle Slides

Lisa Wilber

“In a few short months following AWSC’s advice, I increased my monthly business income by 300%!”


Sandra Robinson
Charisma on Camera

“The best thing that has happened to my business is to have access to AWSC’s daily Hotline, Q&A weekly calls and Ask the Expert calls. I not only get great advice that I can apply everyday to my business, but also lots of inspiration and motivation keep going and to do my best!

Thank you AWSC!”


Cecilia Whatley
Bold & Fancy

“Numbers don’t lie! After applying the principles I worked on with Amy, my monthly team production went from under $15,000 to over $62,000 in just 4 months!”


Kirsten Ramasar
Network Marketing Consultant & CEO of Rejuvenate Chiropractic Spa

“AWSC has a wealth of knowledge and action tools that encouraged me to just get started. I was able to successfully launch a blog and within weeks reach 2,000 views and have signed many affiliate partnerships.”


Kelsey Aycock
Copper + Pearl Blog

“I am a founding member of AWSC. I had been an Ambit consultant about a year and was having a hard time growing my business. Being a part of this wonderful group has helped me tremendously! I promoted to Senior Consultant after two and a half years in the business and I could not have done it without the support of Ambitious Women Success & Mentoring Club! They encouraged me constantly and never let me give up on myself. I am a much bolder and confident person than I was a year and a half ago, and I contribute a lot of that to the support and advice that I have been given from Amy, Esther, Debbie, and several members of the AWSC! I am not afraid to set lofty goals for myself because I know I have people behind me to root me on and hold me accountable. Thank you all for always being there when I need you!”


Donna Muhlman
Senior Consultant with Ambit Energy

“I had a seed of a business idea. Amy taught me how to identify that seed, plant it, grow it, and harvest it while somehow simultaneously doing the same for my personal life. She’s not just a business coach. She’s a life coach, a mentor, a friend. They say behind every successful man there is a woman telling him what to do. For women there’s Amy Applebaum.”


Nia Peeples
Founder of Elements of Life

“The AWSC has made me more accountable and Amy’s tough love has helped me identify self-imposed expectations that have been holding me back from the success I want!”


Janelle Cline
Executive Consultant with Ambit Energy

“Before I started Amy’s Level 2 Program, I didn’t have enough prospects or customers. And, I was lacking confidence to make changes. After working through the Level 2 program with Amy, I created a vision that inspired me – “LooHoo” wool dryer balls would be in every household in America. And I created goals and a sales plan that reflected that vision. And, I learned how to sell! Everything from prospecting, to networking, to closing deals. This new confidence led me to step outside of my comfort zone and apply for the TV show Shark Tank as well as close my first national account, “Whole Foods.” Now my product is expanding to all of the Whole Foods in the North Atlantic region and west coach… something I could never have imagined!!! Since working with Amy and the Level 2 program, I have tripled my revenue and my retail partners and am poised for continued success! Thank you Amy!!”


Cyndi Prince
Founder of LooHoos

“AWSC has not only helped me with my business, I’ve been able to tackle obstacles in my personal life because of the work I’m doing with the club. I am so thankful to Amy, Laura and Esther for all the incredible coaching and support!”


Leslie Hart
Executive Consultant with Ambit Energy

“Amy Applebaum is the success coach for a new generation. She’s got a fresh approach that gets people into action toward realizing their dreams.”


Dayna Devon
Former host of NBC’s EXTRA

“After 6 months of starting our business, we moved out to Texas, and had experienced 3 months of no activity because we tried to do it all on our own. Then Esther offered to mentor us and from that moment, under her mentorship, we promoted to EC 9 months later. I truly believe in the power of mentorship because you have the support and expertise of someone that has traveled the road before you.”


Michelle Carey
Executive Consultant with Ambit Energy