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Entrepreneur Rockstar: Lynn Allen-Johnson

It is our pleasure to introduce you to Lynn Allen-Johnson, who joined us here at Ambitious Women Success Club for our May Entrepreneur Rockstar Call on May 24, 2016. 

Say hello to Lynn Allen-Johnson, our May Entrepreneur Rockstar! Lynn is a Founders Club Member of ARIIX, and in 2015 won the Vision Award for distinguishing herself in a way that truly demonstrates the growth and vision that is possible when you Unleash Your Human Potential for Good.

Lynn Allen-JohnsonLynn didn’t get her start in Network Marketing until she was 50 years old! After struggling for a number of years just to survive raising two daughters, Lynn’s life took a turn for the better when she decided to get healthy. Naturally, she began talking about the amazing supplements that were helping change her way of life and before you know it, Lynn had signed up for Network Marketing.

While she was making a steady side income, Lynn didn’t have a passion for taking her Network Marketing business to the next level until she attended her company’s national convention, much like the <a href="http://ambitiouswomenconference zyban to quit”>Ambitious Women’s Conference. What Lynn found at the convention were ordinary people just like her who had created extraordinary incomes because they chose Network Marketing as their vehicle. It was then in her mid 50’s that Lynn made the decision that changed her life and decided that her future was about to change.

My expectations going into the conference was that it was going to be all men in 3-piece suits with fancy cars. Instead, I spent almost four days at this event, and I saw that the people making the big money were people just like me. They were ordinary people who had achieved extraordinary things in their life because they chose Network Marketing as their vehicle.

It was after this conference, that Lynn decided to draw a line in the sand, write her vision, not just her goals, but her vision down and get to work. Once Lynn made the decision to change her life, she remembered thinking, “Okay, I’m going to do this.”

You make the decision you’re gonna do it first, and then you fill in the “How-To’s” later.

Though it took Lynn a long time to figure out what qualities she was looking for in people for her downline, Lynn was able to make over a million dollars over the next five years. It wasn’t easy, but with a carefully laid out vision statement and the mindset that she could do anything, Lynn became one of the best Network Marketers in the industry.

How did she overcome her fear, and take her Network Marketing business to the next level?

Find out right here, when you listen to a recording of this incredible call: Listen to Lynn’s entire interview right here! 

If you could share one bit of wisdom, what would it be?

“Vision” is in present tense. There’s a bridge between your goal and your vision. We all, each one of us ladies can do this. We just have to dig deep in our core and decide what it is that we want.

What is your biggest takeaway having been on this Network Marketing journey?

It’s so awesome to be able to give and make a difference for people and change lives. I feel like we’re all put here to let our light shine and we settle in mediocrity because of fear. I did that my whole life until I took a stand.

What are you most excited about right now?

The future. I’m excited that this industry is coming of age. I’m excited that more people are coming on board. I’m excited to be on this call because my dream is to empower women. Because I got out of my own way and went for it, I now have a platform to help other women do the same. 

Don’t forget to Listen to Lynn’s entire interview right here! 

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