It is our pleasure to introduce you to Dawn Ferrentino, who joined us here at Ambitious Women Success Club for our July Entrepreneur Rockstar Call on July 28, 2016.

Say hello to Dawn Ferrentino, our July Entrepreneur Rockstar, Author, Success Coach, Direct Sales Leader, Wife, Mother and AWSC Ambassador Dawn Ferrentino!

Dawn has created a multiple six figure annual income and is a millionaire in her network marketing company. She is a wife and mom of two college age sons. She worked in public and private accounting after college, and although she loved what she did, there was something missing. During Dawn’s own transformation, she decided everyone deserved to feel as good as she did and design the life they so deserve.

Dawn is passionate about health, fitness, and freedom, and assists others on creating and designing optimal health and wealth through their own transformations, through both mind and body. Dawn has been featured on MLM Nation and other international podcasts. Her mission is “To Free Everyone She Meets both Physically and Financially and to Bring All Moms Home From the Work Force to Raise Their Own Children.”

Have you seen Dawn’s incredibly moving video she shared with us on the AWSC Facebook page? Watch it right now if you haven’t!

We caught up with Dawn before her AWSC Interview to find out more about what she likes to do when she’s not working hard on her Network Marketing business:

If you could share one bit of wisdom, what would it be?

You have to plant the seeds and continue to water them. If you don’t water them, they die. You HAVE to be consistent!

What is your biggest takeaway having been on this Network Marketing journey?

You can’t wing this business at all. You have to be structured and organized, and no matter what, don’t skip your personal development! Listen to a podcast, read a couple chapters of a book, learn something every day!

Final Thoughts?

You can do this! Not only can you do this, you DESERVE this! Life gets in the way and obstacles will come up, but it’s really about getting back on that horse and keeping moving forward.

Don’t forget to Listen to Dawn’s entire interview right here! 

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