The Story of AWSC

We founded AWSC because it was the company we needed when we were building our businesses. It was the community and support we wanted. It was the mentorship we craved when we just didn’t know what to do.

Bottom line – We are stronger with the support of others, and we all can use a little help along the way.


We icon-heart working from home.

We icon-heart moms.

We care about what matters to YOU.

team-amyAmy Applebaum
esther-spina@2xEsther Spina

Our Governing Viewpoints:

  • Share & Care. We don’t believe in forcing or even pushing people to buy our products/services. Instead, by doing what we women do naturally, communicate and build relationships, we can build our business as big as we can imagine it.
  • Anyone Can Be Successful. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from. As long as you have the commitment and vision, set high goals that support your vision, and pro-actively build your business everyday, you can achieve success.
  • Failure and Practice are Your Access to Success! When you first tried to walk, you fell down. Every toddler does. Can you imagine if you stopped trying to walk because you fell down? To be good at something… anything, you must practice and fail… many times. It’s part of achieving success. The sooner we embrace this fact, the sooner we will see success!

Our Promise:

Success occurs as a result of setting high goals and taking action toward those goals. We can’t promise you success. But, we can promise to provide you with the resources, mindset, accountability and mentorship you need to achieve success. The rest is up to you!

Our Mantras:

  • Every moment of your life…IS YOUR LIFE!
  • Discipline your disappointments!